Flowering Tea - Shuang Long Xi

Flowering Tea - Shuang Long Xi

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Flowering Tea - Shuang Long Xi Zhu

                                                     Double dragon play

Mellow, Floral. 

Shuang Long Xi Zhu 双龙戏珠 means two dragons playing one pearl ball.
It is a traditional imperial Chinese picture to describe the regality and majesty of the royal family.
The blooming tea Shuang Long Xi Zhu uses two jasmine flower strings joining together with a  Globe amaranth flower on the head, to express the meaning of two dragons playing one pearl ball.

The aroma is rich and refreshing, the taste is pleasing. The tea and the flowers also have some medicinal health benefits to human bodies.
It is really a sumptuous spectacle for your tongue and for your eyeballs


Ingredient: Marigold Flowers, Jasmine Flowers, Globe Amaranth, 
Mao Feng Green Tea

Preparation Methods:

1. Put one of the display tea balls into a glass.
2. Pour into glass 150ml 85°C water.
3. Brew for 3-5 minutes until the display tea ball sink down and fully unfold. The display tea do not get bitter as fast as regular tea, so it is safe to add time to the steeping.
4. The Display Tea Jasmine Basket stands up to 3/4 brewing.


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