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         Soothing and highly aromatic tea with a light sweet taste. 

Althogh lavender is often grown as an ornamental shrub in gardens and landscaping, and the flowers are frequently used to craft perfumes, cosmetics, soaps or potpourris, it is also a food ingredient, used in salads, as flavoring for baked goods and desserts, even served as candied blossoms.   

Lavender tea, made from the dried flowers, is a fragrant and smooth drink that is relaxing both by its scent and warm, pleasant taste and aroma

If you’re simply looking for a new tea to try, Lavender Tea pairs well when blended with other teas. Mix and match lavender tea with some of your other favorites to come up with the unique blends that work best for you. Try blending it with peppermint leaves for an extra refreshing taste.

Ingredients: Dried Lavender flowers

 Heat the water 98°C, use a teaspoon of lavender flowers per cup of and brew for 4/5 minutes.


      Our teas are packed in eco-friendly, recyclable, resealable pouches

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