Rose Congou

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Mild Bloomy Flavour

Ingredients: Black Tea China, Rose Petals.

Rose Congou is a refined blend of unbroken black tea leaves and dried rose petals. It comes from Fujian Province (China) where it is made following the classic method: black tea leaves are layered 5 times with rose petals .The result is a fragrant, copper cup with a sweet flavour.

‘Congou’ (Chinese:工夫红茶; pinyin: gōngfu hóngchá) is a description of a black (also called red) Chinese tea variety used by 19th Century tea importers in America and Europe. It was the base of the American 19th Century ‘English Breakfast’ tea blend. The meaning of the word is the same as Kung Fu, from the Chinese for “time and effort” (工夫 gongfu). 

Without milk can be a refreshing afternoon or evening tea.


Heat the water to 98°C, use 2 tsp per person and brew for 3/5 minutes

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