Bi Luo chun Dong Ting 3rd Grade - Green Snail Spring Tea

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Complex, flowery with a lasting sweet aftertaste

Place of Origin: Suzhou, China
Harvest Time: Early April (4 days after Qingming)
Tea Varietal: Dongting Qunti Cult
Production Methods: Orthodox  (plucking-withering-rolling pan-frying-packing)

It is one of The 'Ten Great Chinese Teas'. This tea was created in Ling Yuan Temple of
Pi Luo Peak, Dong Shan and was orginally called Xia Si Ren Xiang, which generally means "astounding fragrance". It was the Qing Emperor who gave it its name, because of the shape of the leaves (rolled into a tight spiral) and declared it an Imperial tea.
Bi Luo Chun, in fact, means Green Snail of Spring.

Bi Luo Chun was originally grown in the Dong Ting Mountain which is now a protected area. The Bi Luo Chun Dong Ting we provide is from Dong Ting Mountain. Only the leaves picked in Dong Ting Mountain can be considered as Dong Ting Pi Luo Chun. 
It is renowned for its delicate fruity taste and floral aroma.

Ingredients: Green Tea.

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Preparation Method:

There are different methods of brewing premium loose leaf tea in China. For tender bud tea such as Bi Luo Chun Top-Putting method is your first choice as it can greatly minimize the chance of leaves being scorched even if water temperature is a bit high. The method is easy and convenient

  Step 1
According to the volume of the vessel you will use, prepare tea leaves at a proportion of some 1:50. For 100ml water, 3-5g tea is needed. Decide the amount according to your own taste preference.

Warm the glass with boiling water(optional). Then pour into boiling water to 2/3 glass volume. Wait for several minutes until the boiled water cool down to 75-80˚C.
Vessel: A small cup, glass, or a mug.
Water temperature: It is important to wait until water cool down to 
75-80˚C or the delcate tea leaves would be scorched by too hot water.

Put into the tea leaves. You may sway the glass in a gentle movement to let all leaves moisten and sink down. It is time to enjoy the fragrance and the scene of all tea shoots standing straight in the water.
Start drinking after 1.5 to 3 minutes, when most leaves sink to the bottom of the cup.
Note: If leaves don’t sink, it’s probably due to low water temperature. Wave them away with a fork for the first infusion, and then use hotter water for the second infusion.
Drink till there is 1/4 to 1/3 cup of liquor, and then pour in more hot water for the next infusion. Repeat brewing the tea for a few more times.

Bi Luo Chun stands up to 3-4 brewings

Green Tea: The Purest from China.

Green tea comes in many varieties, so the taste can be different; from gently nutty to verdant and grassy. We selected the best from China, the largest producer in the world. Our range of green teas are fresh, sappy and velvety. Choose the one that best suits your palate.