Premium Dahong Pao Yancha Waishan (Big Red Robe)

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Mellow, smooth with lingering aftertaste

Place of Origin: Wuyi, Fujian
Tea Varietal: Wuyi Dahong pao Cultivar
Harvest Time: Late April
Production MethodsOrthodox (plucking-sun withering-room withering-bruising in bamboo trays-wok frying-roasting-rolling-cooling-packing)

This tea is on the list of 10 Most Famous Chinese Teas. According to the legend, the mother of a Ming Dynasty emperor was cured of an illness by Da Hong Pao tea, so that the emperor sent big red robes to protect the tea trees
(Da Hong Pao means Big Red Robe)!

Wuyi Dahong pao Yancha is baked extremely slowly by charcoal, and only available in the market in July every year. The new Wuyi Dahongpao Yancha still has a little bit charcoal feeling in taste, but as the tea breathe under the air, the charcoal aroma will disappear slowly and its original taste and aroma will come out.

Six of the original bushes still survive today but Since 2007 the Wuyishan government has put a stop to leave-picking from them.
Our Premium Da Hong Pao Yancha is made from the clones of the tea mother trees growing in the original Wuyi Yancha producing area.

Wuyi Rock Tea got its name by only growing in between the rocky cliffs as Wuyi Yancha means Wuyi Rock Tea

Mount Wuyi is known for its sheer precipices, overhanging rocks as well as gigantic valleys.  Rock tea also pronounced Yan tea in Chinese means tea of strong flavour. According to the current national standard, being bred and planted in the natural ecological environment of Mount Wuyi, Wuyi Yancha is into the category of Oolong Tea produced with unique traditional processing techniques (shape of tea stripe) with rock charm. As a renowned tea it is under the protection of products of origin by PRC.

Ingredients: Oolong Tea.

Preparation Method:

Use fresh boiled water (preferably purified water) with 3g of leaves for 150 ml of water.

 leave in infusion 20 seconds for the first three cups, and then increase the time by 10 to 20 seconds for the following cups.

The tea can be repeatedly made for more than 10 times.

The infusion time directly influences the times of tea cups made: the longer the infusion time, the fewer times of tea soups made.

Our teas are packed in eco-friendly, recyclable, resealable pouches

*Please be aware that we constantly search for new sustainable materials, so packaging received may vary

Oolong Tea: Mystical Experience from China.

“Oolong” comes from the Chinese Wu Long, which means “The Black Dragon.” It is a traditional Chinese tea between green tea and black tea in oxidation (semi-oxidized).

Oolong come in hundreds of varieties. Tea connoisseurs classify the tea by its aroma (often floral or fruity), taste and aftertaste.

While most oolongs can be consumed immediately post production, many others can benefit from long aging. The most famous and expensive Oolong teas are made in Wuyi mountains.