Genmaicha Japan Green Tea

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Mild roasted flavour and a hint of Umami. Sweet aftertaste.

 Long flat leaf and a very pleasant flavour make this "every day green tea".

A very well balanced mix between the steamed tea leaf and the whole roasted and popped grains of rice. It is  good any moment of the day. 

Legend says that a servant named Genmai was pouring tea for his samurai master, when a few kernels of roasted rice fell out of his sleeve into the cup. In a fit of anger about the “ruin” of his beloved tea, the master drew his katana (sword) and beheaded his servant. The samurai sat back and drank the tea and discovered that the rice gave the tea a flavour far superior to the pure tea. He felt remorse about his cruel injustice and ordered this new tea to be served every morning in commemoration of his late servant. As a further honour, he named the tea after him: Genmaicha (“tea of Genmai”).

 Ingredients: Green Tea Bancha,  popped rice.  

Heat the water 80°-85 C, use 3 g per 200 ml and brew for 1/2 minutes. 

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Green Tea: The Purest from Japan.

According to the Global Japanese Tea Association, “Japan is the 8th largest tea producing country” in the world. In Japanese culture, tea isn’t only enjoyed between family and friends and drank for its health benefits, but tea is celebrated in the formal Japanese Tea Ceremony.