Jasmine Dragon Pearl Premium

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Warm, full leaf lifted by fresh yet heady jasmine aroma

The most tender green tea leaves and buds are infused with fresh jasmine blossoms and hand-rolled into small pearls. The traditional tea scenting process to make 'Dragon Pearl' dates back more than nine centuries: the fragrant jasmine blossoms are mixed with the premium green tea until the tea leaves absorb the fragrant essence of the fresh jasmine flowers, making them sweet and very aromatic. The blossoms are then removed by hand after the scenting process, leaving only the jasmine-scented tea pearls.

Rich, round and deeply jasmine infused this tippy white tea is long and velvet textured.

The straw-coloured infusion of this Jasmine Pearl Green Tea yields a much lighter-bodied, and more subtle green tea flavour than our traditional Jasmine Green Tea. However, because the green tea flavour is more subtle, our Jasmine Pearl is perceived as having a stronger jasmine flavour compared to the Jasmine Green Tea.        

                                         Ingredients: Green Tea Leaves, jasmine blossoms. 

    Heat the water 80°C, use 3 g per 150 ml and brew for 3 minutes. Up to 4 infusions.

                    Our teas are packed in eco-friendly, recyclable, resealable pouches

*Please be aware that we constantly search for new sustainable materials, so packaging received may vary

Green Tea: The Purest from China.

Green tea comes in many varieties, so the taste can be different; from gently nutty to verdant and grassy. We selected the best from China, the largest producer in the world. Our range of green teas are fresh, sappy and velvety. Choose the one that best suits your palate.

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