Longjin Premium Dafo - Big Buddha Dragon Well Tea

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Sweet with a hint of chestnut notes

Having survived thousands of years this superb green tea is called 'The King of The Teas' and considered the national drink of China.
Dafo Longjing Tea is well known for its “four wonders”: beautiful flat-leaf, pleasant jade green color, aromatic flavor, mellow taste and refreshing aftertaste.
The production began centuries ago to supply the needs of the monks and scholars at the Dafo Buddhist Temple (4th century BC).

 Ingredients: Green tea

Heat the water 80°C, use 3 g per 150 ml and brew for 1/2 minutes. Multiple infusions

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Green Tea: The Purest from China.

Green tea comes in many varieties, so the taste can be different; from gently nutty to verdant and grassy. We selected the best from China, the largest producer in the world. Our range of green teas are fresh, sappy and velvety. Choose the one that best suits your palate.