Lu Shan Yun Wu - Mount Lu Cloud and Mist

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Sweet, mellow, chestnut, stir-fried bean aroma. Refreshing and brisk taste.

There was an old Chinese saying "where there's cloud and mist, there's bound to be good tea". It was with the natural wonder of tremendous clouds over the Lushan Mountain that the Lu Shan Yun Wu tea was created.

Situated in a basin surrounded by mountains, and with Boyang Lake to the south, Yangtze River to the north, Lushan Mountain is hidden from in the clouds and mist for around 195 days during the year, making it one of the most beautiful and mysterious mountains in China. The blindingly foggy conditions also create a natural shade for the tea growing. Furthermore, Lushan Mountain features high altitude (around 800 meters above sea level), great seasonal temperature difference and murmuring spring, all offering advantageous growing conditions for tea trees, thus contributing to the top quality of Lu Shan Yun Wu tea.

The rich hydration of Lushan Mountain results in sweet, tender buds and leaves that are filled with sweetness and abundant plant nutrient. The tea leaf features delicate jade green colour and lustre, unveiled silver pekoe, and lingering fragrance. It also contains a high concentration of chlorophyll and nutrients. It has higher content of alkaloid and Vitamin C than that of common green teas.

 Ingredients: Green Tea

Tea Varietal: Lushan Qunti Cultivar

 Production Method: Orthodox 

Farming Method: Biodynamic Organic 

Put 3g Lu Shan Yun Wu Green Tea into the glass;
Pour into the glass 200ml 80°C water;
Brew for 1-2 minutes. One minute for delicate taste, two minutes for stronger taste;
The Lu Shan Yun Wu Green Tea stands up to four brewing.

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