Matcha Hisui_Japanese Green Tea

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Mild roasted flavour and a hint of Umami. Sweet aftertaste.


“Matcha”  is a type of green tea made by  grinding tea leaves into a fine powder.

The name Hisui translates as ‘Jade’ which reflects the colour of the tea leaves used to make this Matcha.

Matcha is no ordinary green tea powder and it is used for the traditional Japanese Tea Cerimony.  For the four weeks before being harvested, the tea plant are shaded, so that the leaves grow more slowly developing a high concentration of nutrients such as chlorophyll and tea-polyphenol. Discovered by chance when the plantations needed to be protected from the ash of the volcano, this procedure hugely influences the flavour of the tea. Matcha is ground in stone or granite mills as slowly and carefully as possible.

Our Matcha Hisui is made from high quality tea leaves and it is suitable not only for preparing a tea, but also for cooking and baking or for mixing into cocktails or smoothies.

Not only is matcha a popular casual drink in western culture, but it’s also a traditional Japanese tea prepared and served within the formal art of the Japanese Tea Ceremony, which dates back to the 17th century.

The taste bears a tone of ripe walnut, and it is full-bodied, distinctive and long-lasting.

The infusion releases a vibrant green colour and a fresh cut meadow aroma, with a full bodied and slight nutty taste.

 Ingredients: Japan Ceremonial Matcha "Hisui". .  

Heat the water 70°, use 1,5/ll and wish for 20sec. 

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Green Tea: The Purest from Japan.

According to the Global Japanese Tea Association, “Japan is the 8th largest tea producing country” in the world. In Japanese culture, tea isn’t only enjoyed between family and friends and drank for its health benefits, but tea is celebrated in the formal Japanese Tea Ceremony.